Monday, May 16, 2011

Maths Performance Task - Personal Reflection

  1. Role of Statistics in Real Life
Statistics are basically data collection that is collected usually though surveys,studies,etc.The data is usually shown in 
bar graphs,histogram,pie chart,stem-and-leaf diagram and more.
Statistics are very common in real life,they appear everywhere and help us to understand things better.
I will sometimes come across statistics in news programs and they help me to more clearly see what it is about,statistics are also used in subjects like science when we are doing experiments as they can help us predict the result and help us see a pattern.
Statistics are commonly shown in newspapers in a graph,this helps the reader the better understand things like living cost,crime rate,etc.
(II) Learning Experience
I think that our group has done well despite the fact that sometimes we may quarrel or fight because our ideas are not the same,but that is what help us to learn and improve.We were good at assigning each other jobs to do.
The strengths of our groups are that we were quick at doing the tasks assigned and even though we dispute over our answers,we always come to a conclusion that everyone agrees.
My roles were to do the design of the actual poster with mark,i also did most of the raw data analysis with mark ,I sometimes assigned jobs to the group and also did some of the conclusion and inference.
Some of the challenges i faced were that the raw data was not accurate and had a lot of errors in it ,thus i was not able to construct the correct graph sometimes,but i alway can find a way to solve it.
If I could a similar project in future,I would look at the data more carefully first so that I will not just go straight into doing the graph as re-doing the graph takes a lot of time. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Math Real Numbers activity 3


  • (+) x (+) =(+)

  • (-) x (-) =(+)

  • (+) x (-) =(-)

  • (-) x (+) =(-)

    • (+) / (+) =(+)
    • (-) / (-) =(+)
    • (+) / (-) =(-)
    • (-) / (+) =(-)

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    home work- english

    Homework - Communication

    Dear Young Ladies and Gentlemen,

    This is your task for today.

    1. Why is communication important?
    2. What is/are your favourite forms of communication? Why?
    3. How do you decide which form of communication to use in a situation?
    4. What difficulties do you face in communicating with others?

    1.communication is important because it allows us to let other people know what we're thinking and communication also allow us to work together closely.
    2.My favorite form of communication is verbal communication,more specifically using phone,because it allows us to communicate even though we are very far apart so that we can be able to communicate to our loved ones without having to travel great distance.
    3. when deciding what kind of communication to use, we should first decide on wether to use verbal,non-vebal or visual depending on the situation we then should choose wether to talk informally or formally based on the person.
    4.Some of the difficulty i face when communicating are people not being able to understand me because of accent,language or the difference of opinions